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Top sides perfect fit for Ireland

Ireland at Wolves

Ireland at Wolves

Stephen Ireland believes the next two matches against Arsenal and United are a perfect fit for the unbeaten Blues

The Gunners' visit prefaces a trip to Old Trafford after which football’s cognoscenti believe that City’s top chances will be more easily gauged.

However, far from being daunted by the prospect of back-to-back A Level papers, Ireland is relishing the coming examination.

“I can’t wait for the Arsenal game and the derby next week because they will be two games of football and that will suit us,” insisted the reigning Blues player of the season.

“In the league games so far Gareth (Barry) and I have been left a lot of the time to try and get hold of the game. Other teams have either flooded midfield or fired the ball over our heads and it has been a case of battling for the scraps but these next two matches should be full of passing, moving and combinations that will suit us. I am really looking forward to it.


You want to test yourself against the best teams the next two we face are in that category. There will be plenty of chances to be creative instead of sitting there sweeping up.

...Stephen Ireland


Ireland admits that from the outside looking in the Blues may have appeared to gel more quickly than expected but revealed that inside the dressing room the major changes in personnel have been pretty seamless.

“We could not have started any better especially considering the pressure that came with the start of the season in terms of the spotlight we were under,” accepted the midfielder.

“Some our performances have not been amazing but we have come through the games strongly and keeping the clean sheets is really important.

“Our away form has been brilliant and that is the key to improving on what we did last season.

 “We have gelled well and that is down to the calibre of the player that the manager has brought in. “All of the signings have been very good ones not just in terms of ability but also personality wise. They are all determined characters each of whom has a winning mentality.

I feel like we could win an open game against Arsenal with our home support behind us. I think after three wins confidence will be sky high...

...by C_T_I_D on Bluemoon...


“The reason that we have become so close so quickly is because we all want the same thing and that is success at Manchester City. We all want to achieve things.

“You only have to look over to the bench on a match day to see how much things have changed. There is competition in every department and that is great for us and for the club. It is great to have a big squad and for the manager to be able to rotate players if he wishes to. It keeps everyone on their toes

“That is something I have learned from last year and why I work so hard in the summer with the additional training. You have to be at your peak for as long as humanly possible.”

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