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Sven not looking beyond tonight

City of Manchester Stadium external shot

City of Manchester Stadium external shot

City are fully focussed on tonight's first home game of the season against Derby, with next Sunday's game against Manchester United not on the radar, according to Sven-Goran Eriksson.

Despite the imminent visit of the newly-promoted Rams, it was almost inevitable that the Manager would be asked about the derby at Tuesday's press conference but in response Sven said:

"I haven’t said one word about next Sunday, absolutely not, and I am not going to. The big game for us is the game with Derby. You have to only look at the next game and not what is happening after that."

Now having been back in club management for over a month, Sven is clearly relishing the hurly-burly of the Premier League with games following each other thick and fast.

"Whatever team you are manager for, if your own team doesn’t have the work ethic and doesn't work hard during games, you will not win. It doesn’t matter if you are top or bottom, because the opponents always work very hard.

"That’s the beauty of the Premier League, every team are physically and tactically prepared for 90-plus minutes where the pace is incredible, whomever you meet. That’s why everybody wants to play and everybody wants to watch the Premier League wherever you go in the world."

Sven is also urging that everyone does not get too carried away after the Saturday's fine start to the season at Upton Park.

"It was one game! I think it’s important to keep our feet on the ground and not be thinking that we are among the best, hopefully we will be one day."

The boss also confirmed that City are still very much in the hunt to bring more players to the club before the end of month, saying that the number of players he is after is, "A minimum one – maximum three."





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