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Boss joins Dabo to praise fans

Ousmane Dabo 0607

Ousmane Dabo 0607

Stuart Pearce has continued his countdown to the start of the season by filling us in on a chat with Ousmane Dabo about City's passionate fans.

"He (Dabo) said to me that he could not believe the support we had at this Club for a pre-season friendly and I had told him that they are like that all the time", Pearce said as he recalled Dabo's memory of his trip to CoMS with Lazio in 2004.

The boss added: "This group of supporters have been loyal to the Club when some want to pat me on the back and others want to stab me in the back.

"These people here are this Football Club, and I'm very fortunate in that respect because they stick by you when things are not so good. When you know that they do that, it helps you as a manager.

"I did not have to sell the Club to Dabo, Dabo was sold by our fans."

Carrying on his praise of the Blue Army, Pearce reflected: "They are up there with the best of them, City fans turn up week in, week out, no matter what results are like sometimes.

"They want to see their club being successful, and they want to see people in charge doing everything they can to win games, and they are loyal.

"I went to the club shop and it was full of people getting their kits for next season, which told me how much they want us to do well next season."

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