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Pearce and Premiership points

Stuart Pearce Manchester City Season 0506

Stuart Pearce Manchester City Season 0506

City boss Stuart Pearce has outlined the early achievements of his team as they extended their unbeaten Premiership run to 11 games last night.

"It’s not easy to stay unbeaten in this league that’s for sure. The players should take a lot of credit for that", said Pearce.

"They’ve got a little hard to beat willingness about them now and you only get that by going on a long run like this. Once you get into a run as we have it becomes habit, you get a bit resilient about it, and I’m seeing that in our dressing room now."

Reacting to the importance of sitting top of table this early into the season, the Manager added: "It’d be really important if it was May! But it matters to me; I think it is important after three games.

"If someone had said ‘after you’ve won your third game, you’d go top, would you settle for that?’ Damn right I would!"

It’s whether City have the qualities to stay up there that led Pearce to say: "We’ve not got the class of a Chelsea or an Arsenal we know that. What we have got is a togetherness, a will to win, and a team ethic.

"We’ve got good players in our side – make no mistake about that. If our boys were up for transfer there would be takers for every one of our 11 and a few on the bench as well."

Overall the Blues boss seems happy with the unbeaten start and continued: "It’s nice to stay unbeaten and look into your team and say we’ve improved from the first game of the season in probably everything we’ve done.

"I certainly want to stay unbeaten for as long as we possibly can and that means we’re going up the league in the right direction."

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Trevor Sinclair on winning ugly

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Trevor Sinclair was delighted to get on the score-sheet against Sunderland, but he knows that a big improvement is needed if the good start to the season is to continue.

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City fail to impress boss

Stuart Pearce Manchester City Season 0506

City are top of the league after beating Sunderland 2-1, but Stuart Pearce was deeply disappointed with the performance and says that the players know that as well.

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High hopes against Sunderland

Stuart Pearce Manchester City Season 0506

Manchester City could be looking down on the rest of the Premiership if they beat Sunderland tonight, and Stuart Pearce sees no problem with having such high hopes this early in the season.