We met with three girls who are all currently taking part in our City Football Language Schools programme here at the City Football Academy to find out why the course is so worthwhile to them…

City Football Schools offer a specific girls football and English course for players aged 12-17, combining high-quality, girls-only football training sessions with mixed language sessions in an inspirational environment.

During one of the football sessions on the indoor training pitch, we spoke to Larissa, Aurora and Nina– three participants from three different countries to speak about their experience with the language programme.

Larissa, 17 - Switzerland

This is the third time that Larissa has attended one of our City Football Schools programmes.

“Last year I was in the language programme and the year before I was in the performance programme,” Larissa told ManCity.com. “It’s really cool because it’s right here at Manchester City and I absolutely love the club.

“Every time I come here I’m amazed at how many different people come from all around the world.

“It’s so interesting to meet new friends from lots of different countries. There are people here who I met last year, so it’s great to see them again.”

The group also had the chance to meet some special guests on their first day.

“My favourite part so far has to be our first day when we all arrived as it was so special to meet everyone, and we also had the chance to meet with some of the men’s first team after training," Larissa added.

“To anyone who was thinking of joining the City Football Language Programme I’d say definitely do it as it’s amazing. You’ll meet loads of people from all over the world and get to play football with them!”

Aurora, 14 - Italy

Aurora experienced the language programme in 2017 and loved it so much she was back for a second time this year.

“I was attracted to Manchester City because they obviously won the English Premier League last season,” the teenager stated. “In Italy, I support Genoa but internationally, I love City.

“My parents think it’s really good that I’m part of the programme as they love the club as well.”

Already, Aurora feels as though her football skills have improved: “I wanted to learn to play beautiful football and learn English, and I’d have to say that my football has improved since coming here, definitely!

“My favourite thing we’ve done so far is the training sessions, and I’ve particularly loved playing 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 matches and games of rondo.”

Nina, 17 – Finland

Nina is currently studying for her finals in English and saw our programme as a great opportunity to perfect her English while combining it with her love for football.

“This is my first time at a City Football Schools programme,” the 17-year-old explained. “I looked at loads of other camps around the world but, for me, I thought City had the best pitches and facilities.

“Before I decided to come here I watched videos of the previous programmes at it looked like so much fun.”

While Nina’s English is very good, the chance to immerse herself into the language was a huge draw for her.

“In the classes the English isn’t too difficult for me as I’m nearly 18-years-old, but it’s great to practice speaking the language regularly as I don’t get much of a chance at home in Finland.

“With the football side of things, we’ve been learning how to play the different style of football which is played here. The coaches know so much and have been absolutely brilliant.

“I’d recommend it to anyone thinking about taking part in something like this - you learn so much and also get to meet lots of like-minded people from different cities around the world which means you learn more about different cultures. It’s a fantastic experience.”

Take a look at our gallery below from one of the programme’s many skills sessions…