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City announce latest digital art collection as part of International Women's Day celebrations

Manchester City has today announced its sixth collaborative digital art drop, I am EMPOWERED, created by Power Of Women.

As part of Manchester City’s wider activities celebrating International Women’s Day 2023, this latest collection follows the success of City’s existing drops, as the Club continues to build its presence and collector community in the NFT space.

This collaborative digital art drop, created by Power Of Women, comprises five pieces; I Am Powerful, I Am Proud, I Am Fearless, I Am Courage, I Am Resilient.

The collection of beautifully bold digital artworks celebrates the passion and diversity of women in football today, inspiring, and empowering future generations.


The artwork features the uniquely designed Man City x PUMA Pankhurst kit range which is inspired by Mancunian Emmeline Pankhurst.

City’s men’s team will wear the kit during their warmup and walkout at this weekend’s Premier League match against Newcastle United at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday 4th March and Man City Women will play in the kit for the FA Women’s Super League fixture against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday 5th March at the Academy Stadium.

Manchester City’s proceeds from the drop will go to the Club’s official charity, City in the Community, earmarked for the City Girls programme.

The programme provides safe spaces for young women to engage in football, improve their physical and mental well-being, and develop leadership skills.

Through after-school clubs and community spaces, girls across Greater Manchester have the regular opportunity to play for free with City in the Community.


The I am EMPOWERED collection will drop on OpenSea on Wednesday 8 March.

Nuria Tarré, Chief Marketing and Fan Experience Officer at City Football Group said: “Following the success of our fifth collection launched in August 2022, we are incredibly excited to further our journey within the NFT and blockchain space with this landmark sixth digital art collection, as we continue to grow our reputation as a collaborative and authentic brand in the digital art space.

“We’re pleased to have been able to collaborate with Power Of Women on these pieces, as part of our wider club activity celebrating International Women’s Day.

"Our Same City Same Passion campaign has promoted inclusion and equality over a number of years and Leah’s bold, signature style, combined with Manchester City IP, has created an outstanding collection of digital artworks that further showcase diverse and empowering representations of women in football.”

Leah Ibrahim Sams, Artist and Founder at Power Of Women, added: “As a young girl football was always the sport played by boys, the footballers everyone admired were men and I never saw myself as ‘cool’ enough to support a team, let alone strong or confident enough to play.

"In recent years it’s been inspirational to see such a powerful rise in the women’s game, so when Man City approached me to create a collection for International Women’s Day 2023, I was honoured by the opportunity to join forces with one of the most iconic football clubs in the world and celebrate what it means to be a female athlete and football fan today.

"I am EMPOWERED is a collection that draws inspiration from Manchester City’s diverse fanbase and the Suffragette movement born in Manchester. It is a collection to inspire and empower the next generation.

"But perhaps most importantly, it is a collection that says: 'As women, we ARE strong enough. We ARE powerful, fearless, and resilient. We are proud of who we are and what we do. And we are here to stay'."

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