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CFA: Plans extend Games legacy

CFA: Plans extend Games legacy
The exciting new development of the City Football Academy will continue the legacy of the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

Utilizing local workers and local companies has been an important consideration in the plans to build the state of the art youth development and first team training facility, just as it was ten years ago.

“Being a local company we’re well aware with the input Manchester City have made with the development of the centre of Manchester and East Manchester in particular,” said contractor Phil Ross.

“We have aligned with the club’s ethics of local procurement, using local people and equipment wherever possible which has been of benefit with the stadium expansion plans that we’ve been involved with at a local level.”

The contract supplier's firm were extensively involved in the development of the stadium after the Commonwealth Games in 2002, helping to turn the athletics stadium into a fit-for-purpose Premier League football stadium.

“We find that this has been continuing from the Commonwealth Games when City took ownership of the stadium and as a company we were involved at that early stage doing major earth works to reduce the level of the playing surface to afford the extra seating.

“It’s nice to still be associated with Manchester City six or seven years after that event and we hope it’s going to be for another six or seven years where we can still maintain our local input with a club that believes in employing local people.”

Phil Ross


Ross’s words echo those of Sir Richard Leese of Manchester City council, who believes that the City Football Academy builds on the legacy of the Commonwealth Games a decade ago.

“This project lies at the heart of the ambitions we share with Manchester City Football Club to create a centre of sporting excellence that will be the envy of the world,” Leese declared.

"It is as clear a demonstration you can get of the commitment of the club to our city as a whole and local people in East Manchester in particular.”

Construction is set to complete in time for the 2014/15 season.

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