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CFA: Local people at heart of new phase

CFA: Local people at heart of new phase
Community has always been at the core of Manchester City and the club has approached this new development with the needs of local people firmly in mind.

A major part of the exciting new City Football Academy project is providing opportunities and boosting business, especially in the east of the city.

“The club has an incredible reputation for local procurement and that’s evident in things we’ve done to date, but it will also carry forward into our new development,” said Manchester City’s Head of Infrastructure Development and Corporate Responsibility, Pete Bradshaw.


Whether that’s steel from Bolton or West Yorkshire or seating from Lancashire. Whether it’s furniture that comes from Rochdale or Chesire, whether it’s bespoke joinery that’s made or manufactured just round the corner from the stadium in Ardwick.


...Pete Bradshaw...


Local procurement and the use of local people and equipment is something that stems from the stadium was first built for the Commonwealth Games.

It is a legacy that the club has continued and it is our hope that this will continue during this phase of development and beyond.

“This presents incredible levels of opportunity,” continued Pete Bradshaw.

“For example, paint that is manufactured in Stockport and put down on our stadium floor and on our roads, paint that’s manufactured here in the city centre.

“A whole range of supply and opportunity, real jobs for local people and all of those organisations have good, credible supply and employment chains of their own.”


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