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CFA: Vieira excited by City Football Academy

CFA: Vieira excited by City Football Academy
World Cup Winner Patrick Vieira believes the City Football Academy (CFA) is one of the most exciting projects he’s seen during his football career.

Now in his role as the Blues' Football Development Officer, Vieira says the CFA will become a world leader in youth development with facilities to match – and he can’t wait for its completion.

“I think something that is really clear is that since Sheikh Mansour took over is that he always wanted the club to be sustainable,” he said.

It is a long-term commitment from the football club and I am really excited about it because once you’ve seen the plans and images, you can’t wait for the work to start.

“I think the club is creating something fantastic because when you are a footballer, you want to develop yourself and you are looking for the best facilities to achieve those aims.

“I think these facilities will give all the young players from the youth to the first team the chance to improve and to challenge themselves. 

“When you bring a young talented player to your club, you want to give them the best chance to achieve their dream of playing for our first team, and I think the CFA facilities will give them what they will need to improve themselves.

“If you are a young boy from Africa and you come into a football club like City and you have the chance to train everyday in the facilities like the ones we will build, it is something you dream about.”

Vieira also says the CFA will benefit far more than just the football club and young players. He added: “I believe that football development is a really important part of the project but I think the CFA will help the community and surrounding areas because it will create jobs for the local people.

“It will regenerate parts of the city and the economic aspect will be very important as well.  That’s why I think as a football club you feel proud to be part of something really good.

“This area of Manchester is completely going to change, and I think it will benefit everyone who loves Manchester and who lives there.”


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