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City shirt frozen in time

Time capsule Alex
A signed City shirt is one of a collection of items that have been placed in a time capsule not to be opened again for another 80 years.

A total of 11 items were selected by schoolchildren to symbolise what makes Manchester special to them.

The artefacts will now be buried between the city’s Central Library and Town Hall before they are revealed again in 2092.

Time Capsule

Manchester’s passion for football was suggested by Year Five pupil Stanley Cave, who was joined by club legend Alex Williams to insert the football shirts.

“It was great for us to be involved in this initiative,” said Alex.

“We’ve been seen over the years as the community club and we were delighted to donate a signed shirt, especially in our Premiership winning year.

“It was also great to be involved with something associated with the Olympics and of course we have our very own Micah Richards competing in the games.

“Personally, it was a pleasure to go along to the event and play our part in the city’s history."

The City shirt was joined by other items including a Manchester United jersey, photographs and a collection of Olympic swimwear donated by the GB Women’s water polo team who will take part in the London Games this summer.

The idea is that the children who open the time capsule in 2092 will get a flavour for what life was like for kids in Manchester in 2012.

Time Capsule Winner

Speaking at the event, the Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Naeem Ul-Hassan said:

“This was a very thought provoking competition and it ties into our sense of why we all love Manchester.”

“The entries represent all the work that is going on in the City, as well as all the exciting events that have happened and are still to happen this year.”

An exhibition of the entries will be held when Central Library reopens in 2014.

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