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'Dave Crompton Stand'

Dave Crompton
Colin Bell stand renamed for one match only!

Fans can expect to see a different name on a familiar stand as they approach the Etihad Stadium ahead of City’s eagerly awaited first game of the season.

For one match only, the Colin Bell Stand has been renamed after lifelong blue Dave Crompton.

The gesture was a gift from Dave’s good friend and colleague Dave Roy who has been a big supporter of City in the Community over the years.

Dave made a generous bid for the one day naming rights at CITC’s end of season awards dinner.

Both Daves are massive fans of the Blues and have attended matches, both home and away, for many years.

Unfortunately Dave Crompton, who attended his first City game in 1965 and is known affectionately as ‘Cob’, missed the last six home games of last season after being admitted to hospital.

He will, however, be at the match today and Dave R hopes that when his friend Dave C sees the stand bearing his name, it will go some way to making up for those magical moments he missed.

Enjoy your day Dave!

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