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City v United: Your #bestmcrderby memories

City v United: Your #bestmcrderby memories
City fans on Twitter share their favourite Manchester derby memories ahead of the big one at the Etihad Stadium on Monday.

Fan Tweets: #bestmcrderby memories

Manchester City fans share their favourite Manchester derby memories ahead of City v United at the Etihad Stadium on Monday.

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Share and tag your #bestmcrderby moments and memories and we'll post the best ones this afternoon on the #MCFC website.Manchester City FC
when balotelli pulled up his shirt with "why always me?" #bestmcrderbyDylan Baynham
@MCFC Rugby tackling @DannyBoy_MCFC at Old Trafford when the 5th went in this season.#bestmcrderbyDaniel Connor
@MCFC #bestmcrderby moments 6-1 why always me?Lewis Swindell
#bestmcrderby memory; the first derby at eastlands, 4-1 city, incredible atmosphere, SWP's amazing last minute goal, amazing dayJake Matthews
#bestmcrderby When Gary Neville fed the Goat!!Sam Beard
@MCFC #bestmcrderby first derby at eastlands! We stamped our mark with one hell of an occasion!Manchester City SFC
Mario Balotelli and his cheeky wink at Rio at Wembley. Will always be a hero for that! #bestmcrderbyCallum Tipper
#bestmcrderby FA Cup semi-final hands down!!Max Kersh
@MCFC #bestmcrderby moment - standing behind the goal at wembley when yaya toure scored. never heard an atmosphere like it!! #wembleyeruptedTom Littler
Have to be the 2-1 at O.T for 50th munich anniversary to complete the double. Fans were incredible that day for minute silence #bestmcrderbyDave Sheahan
@MCFC Derby day, the scores were level. Then the Goat was fed by Neville... #bestmcrderbyRob
My #bestmcrderby was going to fa semi last year with hubby and our two boys and the roar of the crowd when city scored ! Roll on monday !Sharon
@MCFC #BestMCRDerby The semi final, being sat in the corner Yaya celebrated in! After that time went so slowly...Abigail McKessy
@MCFC my best derby was in 1989 when we won 5-1 I was only 7, it was my first derby my parents would let me go! #bestmcrderbySte Wilson
#bestmcrderby moment when I just paid $10 for a pint, then threw it in the air when we scored the 6th goal against united! (Brisbane Blues)⚽Paul 'MCFC' Oldham⚽
@MCFC #bestmcrderby '89 Hinchcliffe's header and his 'five' celebration. I'd waited for yrs to see us beat the redsDave Brocklehurst
#bestmcrderby 1-6 at OT. On holiday in Barcelona, in a pub full of United fans. I was the only blue cheering, singing all the songs #amazingBen
@MCFC #bestmcrderby 1-6 it was my 50th birthday what a present I was there. My wife gave me the cake when i got home Leyland
@MCFC me and @jonesymcfc85 doing a 2 man Poznan in our red mates flat after the 4th goal of the 6-1 #bestmcrderbyPaul Unwin
@MCFC observing the 2 minutes silence perfectly, and winning 2-1 at OT, and singing "were the pride of Manchester" for 90 mins #bestmcrderbyLiam Myers
the last maine road derby, in 2002, that anelka goal..... #bestmcrderby @MCFCRaul Ramos

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