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Carlos Tevez: Club statement

Carlos Tevez: Club statement
Manchester City Football Club can confirm that a disciplinary hearing has been concluded in relation to a charge of misconduct by Carlos Tevez.

The charge relates to events during the Champions League match against Bayern Munich on 27 September 2011.

Following a detailed investigation and associated hearing, a disciplinary panel has upheld the charge of misconduct.  Five separate breaches of contract formed the basis of the decision by the panel.  

As a result Carlos Tevez has been fined four weeks’ wages and has been suspended for a period of two weeks (deemed to have already been served).  He has received a written warning as to his future conduct.

Carlos Tevez has been informed in writing of the decision of the disciplinary panel, and the Club has written to the Professional Footballers Association for ratification of the fine.  The five contractual obligations found by the disciplinary panel to have been breached are:   

1.       An obligation to participate in any matches in which the player is selected to play for the club when directed by a Club official.

2.       An obligation to undertake such other duties and to participate in such other activities as are consistent with the performance of the player’s duties and as are reasonably required of him.

3.       An obligation to comply with and act in accordance with all lawful instructions of any authorised official of the Club.

4.       An obligation to observe the statutes and regulations of FIFA and UEFA, the FA Rules, the League Rules, the Code of Practice and the Club rules, including but not limited to breach of Rule E3(1) of the FA Rules (obligation on the player  all times to act in the best interests of the game and not act in any manner which is improper or which brings the game into disrepute).

5.       An obligation not to knowingly or recklessly do anything or omit to do anything which is likely to bring the Club or the game of football into disrepute or cause the player or the Club to be in breach of the Rules (as defined in the contract) or cause damage to the Club.

Carlos Tevez has the right to appeal this decision to the Board of the Club. Any appeal must be made within 14 days.