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New Exec Chairman sees bright future

New Exec Chairman sees bright future
New City Executive Chairman Garry Cook is confident that Mark Hughes will deliver success to the Club.

Mr Cook was alongside the new manager at the Thursday morning press conference where Hughes was unveiled to the media in his new post, and of the new appointment he said:

“Mark knows what success looks like, as do we as a football club. Setting targets on positions in the table is not healthy for the organisation. We’re on a 10-year plan, success is going to come to this club, and nobody knows it better than this man.

“This man embodies hard work, passion and commitment. Most of the great football clubs have that, Mark brings that with him and we want to instil that on and off the field.”

Mr Cook also clarified his role at Manchester City and looked to the challenges ahead, adding:

“There has been a lot of rhetoric about the ownership group, but my role is Executive Chairman, and Alistair Mackintosh is the Chief Executive of the Club.

“Manchester City is one of the greatest opportunities in the world of football today, the Chairman has a definitive view to make Manchester City one of the world’s great clubs. He’s made that quite clear, and his intentions are not only on the field but off it as well, and our number one plan was to get the best available coach. My role is to develop the global aspect of the business, it’s a great club both on and off the field and we have a great opportunity with this manager.

“The biggest challenge for us was waiting for this moment. We moved quickly, we knew what we wanted and that was Mark. We have people working on other projects, and we are not in a position to comment on those at the moment, but more importantly we would not doing anything without the manager’s input.

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