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Hughes already eyeing transfer market

Hughes already eyeing transfer market
New Manchester City boss Mark Hughes has given further reaction to his appointment, and given an insight into what his transfer policy will be.

The inevitable speculation over may join the Blues now that the new manager is at the club has already started, but Hughes makes it clear that he is ready to start enhancing the squad his way immediately.

He says, “There’s a lot of talk and a lot of speculation about the players that could come in, but I’m always interested in good quality players. If they are available at the right price then I will try to bring them here.

“Even with all the talk about who might be coming, I am the manager of the football team and I have to target players, recognise the weaknesses in the team and address them.

“Either I make the players in possession of the shirt perform better, to give them the chance to keep the shirt, or if not we address that. Then we’ll look to bring better players in to fulfil that role. It’s an ongoing thing, we will look to make the club as strong as we can as quickly as we can, but it is a process we will have to go through.

“At this stage we are very early into our tenure, there are a lot of things we have to go through today but we will very quickly be targeting the players we want to bring here.”

In answer to questions about Ronaldinho and whether he would be interested in him, the Manager responded:

“I’m always interested in outstanding football talent, and he comes into that bracket.”

Hughes also revealed how City Chairman Dr Thaksin Shinawatra’s vision for the club tempted him to make the move from Blackburn Rovers.

“The Chairman has wished me well, I have spoken to him and spent time with his close advisors and I am very excited by the ambition that they all have.

“The fact that they have picked me to lead that ambition made me very pleased and very honoured to do that.”

The new manager also gave a good-humoured response when his long stint with Manchester United was mentioned, and he was keen to point to a career that also took in stays with Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Everton along the way.

“I did play for other clubs, by the way! My passion, my drive and my ambition is there for all to see. If you see how my teams play, and the intensity that my players have, you will see that the work I do has a positive effect.

“I’m a professional football manager, I don’t wear the shirt anymore, I try to lead the people that do. I’m a manager that has been shaped by the experiences that I have had, that includes my playing career, and I am very much a manager that is trying to do the job and progress in my career.

“I am now at a great club, with a great fan base who have been really positive in their reaction, and I am pleased about that. Now it is a case of settling in quickly and moving this club forward.”

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