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City eSports team up with Nexen and Etisalat

City eSports team up with Nexen and Etisalat
Manchester City eSports is delighted to announce the two sleeve partners for its first bespoke eSports kit, Etisalat and Nexen Tire.

The partnership will see Etisalat and Nexen Tire support Manchester City’s professional FIFA players, Shaun “Shellzz” Springette & Ryan Pessoa during the FIFA 20 Global Series season, including being present for all live events.

Shaun and Ryan will wear the Esports kit for the first time this weekend, at the eClub World Cup in Milan from 7th – 9th February, where they will be looking to bring home the trophy in a 24-strong field of elite competition. 

Ryan and Shellzz’ first matches in the new kit will kick off around 2.45pm CET today. You can follow them on FIFA’s channels including, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and Youtube.

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