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Unseen history: 125 anniversary book now on sale!

'Our Unseen History:' The official 125th anniversary book of Manchester City is now on sale!

Featuring many exclusive and unseen photographs from our 125-year history, this 320-page book is a must-have for City fans this Christmas.

Images that are more than 100 years old through to the present day, City's history and colourful past is captured perfectly in this one-of-a-kind collection.

From burning coal barrels thawing out an icy Maine Road pitch, through to Joe Mercer's title-chasers training on the concrete car park at the back of Platt Lane - from Billy Meredith through to Kevin De Bruyne, 'Our Unseen History' has everything and a bit more.

Take a trawl through history and mark our 125th anniversary in style.

Priced £20, order your copy now!