Manchester City FC can confirm that a redress scheme for survivors of historic Child Sex Abuse has been launched.

As has previously been announced by the Club, In November 2016 the Club commissioned an exhaustive and ongoing QC led review to understand whether, and if so how, the Club was used by Barry Bennell or any other individual to facilitate alleged sexual abuse of children from 1964 to the present day. That Review led to the uncovering of serious allegations of child sex abuse in respect of another individual, John Broome. It is to victims of those two individuals that the Scheme applies.

The Club’s Review remains ongoing and Manchester City FC continues to be restricted as to what it can make public at present for legal reasons.  The Club reiterates, however, its heartfelt sympathy to all victims for the unimaginably traumatic experiences that they endured.  All victims were entitled to expect full protection from the kind of harm they suffered as a result of their sexual abuse as children.

The Club remains fully focused on completing its Review to the highest standard possible.

Manchester City and the Review Team remain keen to speak to any survivor of, or witness to sexual abuse which might in any way be connected to Manchester City or which could support the ongoing review. Anyone wishing to contact the Club with such information can do so by contacting [email protected].  All such approaches will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and discretion.