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Puma: We'll continue taking inspiration from music

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With Manchester City’s 2019/20 away shirt referencing the legendary Hacienda nightclub, PUMA have revealed music will continue to play a role in their kit designs moving forward.

With a nod to the famous venue’s iconic yellow and black hazard motif adorning the shoulder of the new change strip, music was central to the launch of the Club’s new technical kit partnership and grime artist, Bugzy Malone, performed at the launch event in Manchester.

Music is a key theme in PUMA’s current marketing strategy and one they are committed to embracing as their relationship with City progresses.

“When we visited Manchester the black and yellow stripes were something we saw a lot around the city which is why we decided to go with that as part of the design,” said PUMA Product Line Manager, Josele Angulo.

“Manchester is well renowned for its music scene and for sure in future seasons we’ll see inspiration coming from different kinds of music within the city.

“It’s going to be something we’ll continue to take inspiration from."

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SHOP: City's 2019/20 away kit

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Angulo is responsible for the team of designers who created this season’s kit and training range and provides an interesting insight into how that process works between PUMA and the Club.

With the home shirt acknowledging Manchester’s industrial past, he admits the sportswear brand felt it important that the city’s history was referenced in the kits that have launched the long-term partnership

The most striking addition of the 2019/20 home shirt, however, is the use of purple.

“With the home kit we were trying to find a difference from the previous combination of the City blue, dark blue and white,” Angulo explained.

“We looked into the colours that had been used in the past and thought purple would be a good change, as well as being a reference to colours used in past kits. 

“For us it was really important to highlight the story of the city in order to begin the partnership correctly. 

“Music is really important to PUMA at the moment, so with the away kit we were also trying to find a connection that makes sense.

“Looking into the archives and speaking to people in Manchester, we realised the Hacienda was something that was really representative and the perfect mix for us.”

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With both kits now on sale at and in store, all that is left is for the players to take to the pitch.

It will be worn for the first time against West Ham United in the first pre-season game of this summer’s tour and Angulo says everyone at PUMA is hoping that this time next year, the jersey will have experienced some memorable moments.

“We are really excited to see the team start playing in the kits and hopefully next season is successful and they become historic kits.”

WATCH: City home kit shoot: Behind-the-scenes
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