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Be a unique part of the City Football Academy

Be a unique part of the City Football Academy
We are offering fans from around the world the unique opportunity to be a permanent part of the City Football Academy (CFA).

In late 2014, the doors will open to the state-of-the-art youth development and first-team training facility and you are invited to make your mark on a wall dedicated to City's new foundation at the 7,000-seater stadium on-site.

We want you to send in a drawing showing how football is having a positive impact on your life, your community, or your city. You can be as creative as you like.

 For example of the things we are looking for are: a drawing of the fun times you have playing football with your friends, how football has developed the area you live in or a drawing of  your favourite footballing memory.

Things to consider could be how football brings different people together, making your city safer, improving health or simply allowing people to have more fun, we want to see what the 'football effect' can do in your urban area.

The 10 winning pictures will be announced online and will help to inspire a 35 x 3 metre wall painting, which will be displayed on the South Stand of the City Football Academy Stadium.


This is a one-off chance to have your custom image permanently ingrained into City's history and seen by thousands of people from across the globe.

Manchester City was founded in 1880 to combat the significant social issues in Manchester and that community focus continues in the Club today.

This year, a new global foundation will be launched in Manchester, Melbourne, New York and other cities around the world, continuing the work of Manchester City's community arm, City in the Community (CITC) which is now in its 28th year.

The foundation will use football to uplift city youth around the world, promoting health, well being, safe spaces and connections to education and training opportunities. 

This artwork will be the very first visual representation of the foundation's work and that's why we want you to make it your own.

Please send all images via email to Fan Engagement at [email protected] by July 13.

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Please make sure you read the full Terms and Conditions of the competition before entering, which can be found here.