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Get to know our U18s: Rowan McDonald

Q&A: Rowan McDonald.

Q&A: Rowan McDonald.

As our Under-18s head off to Croatia for a pre-season training camp, we speak to some of our City starlets to find out a little more about them. First up, Rowan McDonald!

Q. If you had to sing a signing initiation song in front of your team-mates… what would it be and why?

A. I haven’t done one yet but if I was made to do one then I’d probably do ‘Wonderwall’ as I’m a big Oasis fan. Everyone knows that song as well!

Q. If you only had 5 songs you had to listen to for eternity…

A. Again, they’d probably be mostly Oasis songs. Definitely ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’, but maybe some Stone Roses songs as well – all Manchester themed!

Q. What’s your signature dish…

A. I don’t really cook very often, but if someone asked me to make something it’d probably have to be beans on toast as you can’t go wrong with that.

Q. What is the breakfast of kings? (your favourite)

A. Pancakes with syrup. Just normal pancakes not the protein ones.

Q. Worst celebration you’ve ever done…

A. I don’t really score many goals, but there was one time when I was a lot younger when my coach swung me around and accidentally let go of me!

Q. Five dinner guests…

A. Liam and Noel Gallagher, Iniesta, Pep Guardiola and Sergio Aguero. I’ve seen Aguero around and spoken to Pep a little bit but it’s still very surreal for me as I’ve supported City all my life and now I’m around my idols.

Q. Last Xbox/PS game you bought…

A. Fortnite.

Q. The last thing that made you cry with laughter…

A. I recently went on holiday with Ryan [Corrigan] and his Dad to Spain and as Ryan is quite fair he ended up getting so red and sunburnt! We were sunbathing and then decided to play football on the beach but forgot that we hadn’t reapplied any sun cream on our backs. It sounds bad but I couldn’t stop laughing.

Q. A film you watch over and over…

A. Happy Gilmore, but also the Inbetweeners film.

Q. A form of social media you can’t live without…

A. Probably Snapchat. I tend to use Instagram and my Instagram stories instead of it now. 

Q. A newspaper headline you’d like to see about yourself…

A. Anything to do with breaking into or playing in the first team. Exactly like Phil Foden really.

Q. A hidden talent you have…

A. I honestly don’t think I have one!

Q. Best on pitch moment with City?

A. Winning the Floodlit Cup as the squad had been together for ages and it all came together really nicely.

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Round-up: Nexen Manchester City Cup

MAN CITY CUP: The Blues arrived in San Diego on Wednesday ready for four days of matches against a host of teams from around the globe.

City Under-14s travelled across the Atlantic to take part in the Nexen Manchester City Cup tournament over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The Blues arrived in San Diego on Wednesday ready for four days of matches against a host of teams from around the globe.

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City Academy end of season awards 2017/18

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Injury news: Tommy Doyle

INJURY NEWS: Tommy Doyle.

Manchester City Academy midfielder, Tommy Doyle, underwent an operation on his foot last week following an injury sustained during the Under-17 Euros tournament.

Injury update...