How To add your Mobile Season ticket to your iPhone

Season ticket members will only have to do this once for the season (unless you change your smartphone).

Please note: Mobile Season Tickets can be added to iPhone 6 models and above. Be sure to download your Mobile Season Ticket to the mobile phone that you will be using on matchday.

Multiple Mobile Season Tickets can be added to the same mobile phone following the below process.

Step 1.

From your smartphone please open your web browser (usually Safari) and visit to ‘sign in’ to your account.
You can do this in one click here.

Step 2.

Once signed in to your account, please make the below clicks in the order shown on the phone below.

1. Select ‘Season tickets

2. Tick the Season ticket you would like to add to your mobile wallet

3. Click ‘Add to mobile wallet

Step 3.

When prompted with the below message, click ‘allow‘ to view your mobile Season ticket.

Step 4:

Your mobile Season ticket will display, so please check it matches your details and click ‘next‘.


Step 5.

To finish set-up select ‘Automatically‘.


Set-up complete! Your Mobile Season Ticket is downloaded and can be used for every home game in 2022/23. The latest upcoming fixture will load automatically, so all you need to do is turn up with your phone charged.