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That's all folks 👋

A hard-fought three points on the road, and a gutsy display to boot against a stubborn West Ham United.

The perfect start to 2023 for City, with the games coming thick and fast.

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We'll be back for Wednesday's Conti Cup clash at Leicester. COME ON, CITY 💙


Final word from the boss 🗣

“The build-up was great. I remember a really good pass from Yui Hasegawa, a really nice touch from Deyna [Castellanos] before Bunny being really calm to go round the keeper and score.

“So it was a fantastic goal and, again, you hope from that point you can go on and put the game to bed a bit earlier.

"But we showed really good resilience and we saw the game out well."


Gareth Taylor speaking to Sky Sports 🗣

“Three points are always important. It was a tough game and it would’ve been nice if we’d pushed ahead with a couple more of the chances we had in the second half.

“We were very calm at half-time, I think we sustained a few skirmishes against us.

"But again I thought it was a matter of time before we get a chance and we scored really early on in what was a fantastic goal."


Bunny reaction 🗣

“We wanted to score early and obviously the first half didn’t go the way we wanted but we kept our composure.

“We spoke about that at half-time, trying to go out there and trying to get on the front foot and luckily the goal came.

“I think it’s just about staying ready and being in the game no matter what. Sometimes the game can be ugly but it’s just how you stay in the game and affect the backline and team.

“It’s difficult at times but we had our play, and we knew what we wanted to do. So when the ball went into certain areas I know the runs I wanted to make and it went in."


How the top four looks after tonight's result 🙌


Match report

Our official verdict 📖


Significant win?

That feels like a big three points for City - and a win we certainly had to work for.

Plenty of reaction to follow...



A hard-fought three points on the road for City.



Pressure relieved

Roebuck does well to pluck Cissoko's cross out of the air from the left, relieving the pressure from the hosts.

We're almost there.


Stoppage time

Three minutes to go! How are your nerves?