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Mozzer's prediction

Our former skipper Andy Morrison predicts City scores each month in the City Magazine - here's his thoughts on today...

"It’s always tough when you play games against a side in quick succession, but we know we have the beating of Spurs after our 4-2 win at the Etihad last month. Antonio Conte’s team got one half right, one half wrong in the first meeting and I think this will be a more balanced clash – but expect us to edge it."

Mozzer’s prediction: Spurs 0-1 City


Double trouble

Can our in-form striking duo add to their combined tally of 40 goals in all competitions?


Can Ederson reach the 100 Premier League clean sheets milestone this afternoon? Son and Kane will do their best to make sure he doesn't, but let's see what transpires...


Michael Brown on Matchday Live

"It’s always interesting with Pep, but the notable absence for me is KDB.

"Kane has an unbelievable record, he’ll be looking to get the goal here today at his home stadium. Haaland v Kane is the story here and all around the world.

"Haaland as we know has an unbelievable return so far. It’s fantastic so far from Haaland, it’s made it so difficult for Kane to get the Golden Boot.

"It’s a great opportunity to catch up to Arsenal today. I think not playing in the middle of the weeks has allowed City to work on the training ground and we’re going to see the rewards. It’s about being confident and on the front foot."


Lloris: Conte will be missed

Spurs captain Hugo Lloris says his boss - who underwent surgery and isn't at the game today - will be missed by the players this afternoon...

"We have had a full week to prepare for game,. We will miss our manager but the coaching staff have prepared us for the game. I think at the moment he is at home.

"It is up to us to make a good performance. There were a lot of positive things especially in the first half against Manchester City last month.

"In the second half there were a lot of things to work on and we will try to correct a couple of things, especially in or around the box. We will try to be stronger than we were. It's a great game to enjoy in front of our fans."


Jack Wilson-Mumford at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

A loud cheer as the Spurs team appear for their warm up. Many of those seated around the press box are wearing Heung-min Son shirts.

The Korean has scored seven times in 16 appearances against us. In terms of Premier League opponents, he's only scored more against Southampton and Leicester. There will be lots of excitement in the ground when he gets a touch early on but keeping him quiet should help keep this crowd quiet too.


Houghton and Lescott on Ake

Steph Houghton: 

"In one v one situations he would probably say he prefers centre back! But against Saka he was so good, forced him outside and even got the goal. He has that calm and cool head, which is why he’s one of our standout performers."

Joleon Lescott:

"He’s always come across as a level headed player. His performances have been outstanding this season. He looks like he enjoys defending, which isn’t too common nowadays. You can see him put his body on the line to prevent the ball going past him."


'Do I even know?'

Joleon Lescott discusses back four options on Matchday Live:

"Do I actually know?! I don’t! But i’ll take an educated guess and say Walker centre-back with Akanji. Ake has played so well at left-back. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was at fullback. I don’t think it will be a set formation."


Forest have beaten Leeds United 1-0 and move up to 13th as a result. City can cut Arsenal's lead dow to just two points if we can win here today so the incentive couldn't be higher for Pep's men


Jack Wilson-Mumford at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Captain Kyle! 

Brilliant to see the great man leading the side today. There's no doubt how much of a driving force behind our success under Pep he has been and he's always been something of a leader, even without the armband on.

Elsewhere, we get to see the deadly combination of Julian Alvarez and Erling Haaland up top together. With three central defenders in the Spurs team, it will be their job to make sure they're pushed back. And we saw the winner in the Arsenal game come from Alvarez dropping short and enjoying space provided to him by Haaland's presence occupying the defenders. That team is here to win the game, certainly.

The goalkeepers have just come out to warm up while Jim Howick, who I recognise as Gerard from Peep Show (younger audiences may say he is Pat from Ghosts), shares some tales on the big screen.