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OK, that's all for this evening - stay with us for reaction, highlights and plenty more. Lots still to come! Thanks for joining us on the Matchday Centre and we'll do it all again on Tuesday against Bayern Munich. We're very much in this title race still...


Boss on Grealish

"He has been really good. He had a big, big chance in the first minutes and it could have changed how we played in the first half, but sometimes you have to mature into the game and keep the focus. With the quality we have up front it can make the difference."


Pep on Haaland

"The second goal was amazing. It is not easy to pick the ball up in the sky and put it on the grass. His talent is really good. We need him. The first half was not our best level but he changed the game. As a top scorer we lived two incredible decades with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi but he is on that level. He scores a lot of goals. I am very happy with 65 minutes after injury and he helped us again."


Pep reaction

The boss talking to BBC's Match of the Day...

"I give a lot of credit to Southampton. Their game plan was really, really good. Sometimes you have to give credit to the opposition when you're not at your level. We were fortunate to be ahead at half-time. We had more physicality in the second half. We found the second goal after we won a dual and after it was easy."


With a Poznan thrown in for good measure!


Fantastic support, guys!


Opta Joe stat

7 - Kevin De Bruyne has assisted seven Premier League goals for Erling Haaland this season, the most one @ManCity player has assisted another in a single campaign. Up. #SOUMCI


KDB on watching Liverpool v Arsenal

"To be fair I want to see my family a little bit. They are going on holiday for Easter so I'd prefer to see my family for a little bit before they go away. There won't be a lot of time to watch the game."


KDB on Haaland

"He scores alot of goals. It is insane. He is there. If we create chances he is there. It is a good combination. He knows what I want to do and i know what he wants to do."


KDB on reaching 100 PL assists

"I was aware of it because there was a lot of talk about it online. I don't compare myself to other players, I just try to create as many chances as possible.  If they score, I get the assist. I'm happy but the important thing is to win."