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Thanks for joining us for what was another important win.


Post-match reaction 💬

Erling Haaland on the challenge of Leeds United 👇

“I’m going to sleep on this game.

“I’ll wake up tomorrow and think of getting three points against Leeds.

“We cannot keep thinking of these records or I will become crazy in my head.

“Tomorrow we have to start thinking of Leeds.”


Post-match reaction 💬

Erling Haaland on his Guard of Honour 👇

“It was a nice feeling. As is every single goal I score.

“To win the game is also important.

“Everyone hit me in the back so it was painful!

“It was a nice thing, I’m really happy.”


Post-match reaction 💬

Erling Haaland on his record breaking night 👇

“Special night. Special moment.

“I’m really happy and proud.

“What more is there to say?”


Post-match reaction 💬

Pep Guardiola on what’s to come 👇

“West Ham, I said yesterday, they are an exceptional team with exceptional players. We struggled a lot against them before. No exception today.

“The people who expected City here now to win 4-0 after 20 minutes. That is completely out of reality.

“Leeds will be similar. Everton at Goodison Park. I saw their game against Leicester - the chances, how aggressive they are. It will be so tough.

“This type of game, it is important to be stable and patient. Five games left. In our hands.

“We have to try and go for it.”


Post-match reaction 💬

Pep Guardiola on being back top of the table 👇

“I know how competitive Mikel is.

“Arsenal are one of the historical teams. They will be there.

“We were quite stable and created enough chances to win the game.

“Now we have an opportunity to go four points in front. We take it game by game.”


Post-match reaction 💬

Pep Guardiola on Erling Haaland and his Guard of Honour 👇

“He deserved it. All the team deserved it.

“He is a special striker. Yes we are very pleased for him.

“He’s a joy not just to work and be with him. Everyone is happy to have him with us.

“When there is a special occasion, we have to show how special it is.

“He has beaten incredible, top strikers - Shearer and Cole. It’s special.”


Post-match reaction 💬

Nathan Ake on being top of the table again 👇

“We have to keep on pushing. It’s not finished yet.

“Saturday with Leeds will be tough again.

“We have to recover and go again.”


The Boss 📷

Pep enjoyed that one!


Crowd hail Haaland 📷

Erling Haaland enjoys the applause of the crowd after his record-breaking 35-goal season to date.