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Thanks for your company this afternoon. A crucial three points for City and some important milestones reached!

Congratulations to Ederson on his 100th Premier League clean sheet. Now our players will get some time off before focusing on Crystal Palace next weekend.

Until then, enjoy the stats right here and look out for our highlights package coming shortly!


Pep on improvements 🗣

Always we can do better. Even when we got 100 points I had the feeling we could do better. That is why we are still here. Many things we have to improve but in general I am so satisfied. After seven years still we are there. It is the most difficult thing in football. People in Newcastle will demand that next year they get to the final of the Carabao Cup. In seven years we have won four Premier Leagues and still we are there. Still we want to do it. This is the biggest compliment to our organisation. In this country, in this Premier League, it is so difficult.


Pep Guardiola's reaction 🗣

They had chances to score. It’s Newcastle. They are exceptional. Set pieces were cheap. Every corner, free kick. You have to look to the sky. 

With Wilson, Gordon, Saint-Maximin in the transitions.  keeping the ball, Guimares is a top class midfielder. Schar was not there today what a defnecer. Pope the keeper for England. Final of the Carabao Cup a week ago. We lost our composure in first five minutes. 

After we got the game with a brilliant action from Phil. We were a little bit lucky with the deflection.  We missed that a bit this season. His positivity. We make a really good first half. The second they start really well and we break the game. 

That moment we bring on Bernardo. He helps us to make possessions longer. That was part of our intuition. To always take the ball, he has this incredible ability. We won the game, didn’t suffer much at the end. In an incredible result for us. A tricky game.


The moment Bernardo scored our 1000th Premier League home goal


Grealish hugged the touchline


A more familiar 4-3-3 today...


A fine move for our first goal...


Our attacking threat today!


Bernardo continued...

“Foden is so good, he’s one of those players that can decide matches for you, that can take on one or two players and score a goal and I’m happy for him because he went through a difficult period because of his injury, so he’s back and we are very happy to have him with us because like he showed today, he can solve some of our problems in games.”

“I think the team is in good spirit, we know how difficult it is to compete each season in the Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and we’ve had some tough moments this season but we want to compete and we want to do our best knowing that it is going to be tough in these final few months, it’s not going to be easy but we are going to fight for all the trophies we can this season.”


Bernardo's reaction 🗣

“I’m very happy because it was a tough game, and my goal came in a tough moment for us because at 1-0 they took more risks and went for it, but to score my goal, it was very good.”

“When you play Newcastle, we know how good they are this season, and going into the second half 1-0, they go for it because they need points, and losing 2-0, 3-0, 4-0 is the same, so we knew they would press more and try to create more chances, so they second goal was good for us.”