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It's a wrap

OK, that's all from me. We still have Pep's full reaction and press conference video to come, plus we have an interview with Riyad Mahrez and - of course - highlights of the game and a Full Match Replay from midnight (BST). Thanks for tuning in and we'll do all again on Saturday against Southampton. Until then...


Pep on Alvarez

"We need players in the box and with Erling and Julian we have that weapon. For the people outside, that is important. The space in the middle is so minimal, we try to make the movements there. 

"All of us were very happy with the goal he scored and the way he played. He is a little bit behind Erling but it is normal. Erling is special. We rely on him a lot and against the team that defends so tight he helps us a lot."


Haaland substitution 'not planned' says Pep

"He played a lot of minutes. Cole Palmer is a top class player who I am looking forward to seeing play. Erling scored goals and after that it is better to rest. I want to be honest, Erling wants the same as all of us, to win the game. 

"He made the hat-tricks to win the games. We need everyone involved. Rico played, 17 years-old. Kyle Walker will be out for a while, we don’t have many options. Rico showed me we can rely on him."


Pep reaction coming up...


Mahrez reaction

"It's good when we have the ball and are in the opponent's box. We try to create chances like we always do.

"The score is deserved and is good for the next game. Nice to score goals and to help the team to win as well.

"There has always been competition [for places] maybe less so now but it is good."


Grealish reaction

"I loved it. Playing in the Champions League at the Etihad is always great. Three wins out of three to top the group. It was a great night. I'm loving it.

"My last three or four games I feel back to myself. I am playing more with that freedom and confidence. It would help if I got on the scoresheet, I was desperate tonight, but it's all about enjoying it and winning. When the luck isn't with you...

"I've played a lot of games recently so I'm thankful to the manager for that. I'm playing with a smile on my face and feel like I'm settling in now.


Good night's work all round...


Ex-City midfielder Owen Hargreaves on BT Sport


"Possession we're used to but to have 30 shots, even from Manchester City, seems a lot.

"I'm sure there were a couple more goals out there for Erling Haaland and he will know that too but City want to keep him fresh. I'm sure he would have wanted to stay out there but Cole Palmer came on and did great. Haaland stays healthy and he can take them to the Champions League title which is what they all want.

"City never play poorly. Rarely does that happen. They are special to watch, they play beautiful football, but now they are scoring four or five goals every game it is scary for everyone else."

(Via BBC Sport)


Peter Crouch on BT Sport

"You could see players who were desperate to score. Those stats are ridiculous.

"We were all disappointed. It's what we came for. We wanted Erling Haaland to get another hat-trick.

"Julian Alvarez would probably walk into most Premier League teams. He's struggling to get in the City team at the moment but every time he plays he seems to assist or score."

(Via BBC Sport)