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While we weren't able to pick up the win, the point was all we needed to confirm top spot in Group G.

Time to reflect and work on things before we travel to Leicester at the weekend.

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Guardiola on Haaland knock 💬

"I don't know right now [if it's serious].

"I spoke at half-time and they [medical staff] were a little bit concerned, but i saw him walking more or less quite good, but we will see."


Guardiola on squad fatigue 💬

"Today we were exhausted, the game against Brighton drained us a lot - it was demanding, man to man, it was physically so demanding.

"And Tuesday we had a game now and we saw Phil was so tired.

"Joao with fever made an incredible effort. I want to say thank you to Joao because we don't have Sergio or Kyle and John made an effort to come back.

"I appreciate what they have done and Julian made an incredible effort defensively.

"It was so difficult for him but in general, especially in the second half, we did a good performance."


Guardiola on two halves 💬

"We spoke about Dortmund made a high-pressing, like they did against Bayern Munich and like we saw against Sevilla, or stay a little deeper like the three times we played against them lately.

"Every time you lose balls in this country, they punish you on the transition like no other country in the world.

"In the first half we had some problems making our high pressing because Sule was so, so down and the distance for Joao was so big and that’s why we correct in the second half and it was much better, much more productive.

"In the second half, the result was good for us.  

"Both teams are happy. We have won the group and they are happy because they are in the last 16."


Guardiola on Mahrez penalty miss 💬

"I admire a lot of the courage of the guys who take the penalties.

"This is not about Riyad - since we arrived here, I didn’t know how many millions of penalties we have missed and this is a big problem. We did it in this competition a few times.

"When you miss it, it’s difficult. Riyad last season was exceptional. Three years ago, he shot the penalty to make it 1-1 here and help us reach the first time, for this group, the semi-final of the Champions League.

"He will reflect, practice and take a break right now. He wanted to score it and he was the first to have the mentality to go there and do it.

"It is not one single player - many players shoot the penalties and miss them. We have to try to find a solution."


Pep Guardiola on Haaland substitution 💬

"Three things: I saw him so tired. Second one, he had a little bit of influenza in his body. Like Joao - Joao had a fever.

"Then the third, he had a knock in his foot.

"That’s why he was not able to play the second half."


Impressive run 👏

City are now unbeaten in 16 of our last 17 UEFA Champions League games against German opponents.

In that time, we've won 14, drawn two and lost just once, at RB Leipzig in the final group game of last season.


We'll be hearing from the boss shortly 💬


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