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How do I link an existing supporter (already has a ticketing account) to my ticketing account?

Edited 8 month(s) ago

'Friends and Family' is a way in which you can link your account with that of your friends and family to make purchasing and transferring your tickets much easier. 

To link an existing supporter (already has a ticketing account) to your account:

  • Sign in to 
  • Click 'My Account' in the top right corner (The icon in the top right that looks like a person)
  • Click 'My Ticketing Account' 
  • On the Welcome page you can now scroll down until you see 'My Friends & Family' underneath this will be a button saying 'Manage My Relationships' press this button 
  • On the pop up box click 'Create a Relationship'
  • On the next pop up window it will ask you 'Does this person have an account with Manchester City?' please click the applicable option 
  • On the next page please follow the instructions on screen and supply the required information. 
  • On the next page please check that the supporter name and number displayed is correct and matches that of the supporter you are wanting to link to. Please see below point on which type of relationship you want to create with the supporter. 
    • If you would like to manage other items for this supporter, for instance purchase their Season Ticket with yours, or relocate their seat with yours, please select ‘Yes’ to add them to your City Family Group. If you only want to be linked as friends and family, click ‘No'.
    • A supporter can be friends and family with many supporters but can only belong to one City Family Group.
  • Once you have selected which type of relationship you want with the supporter click 'Confirm'
  • You have now linked your accounts together.