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The Women & Girls Football project engages female participants with free football training, leadership and mentoring opportunities.

Project Summary

Through After-School clubs and Community Satellites, girls across Greater Manchester have the regular opportunity to play for free with CITC.

Project Objective

Using the power of Football and brand of Manchester City, the Women & Girls project aims to provide safe spaces for girls to engage in football, improve their physical and mental wellbeing and develop their leadership skills.

Learning Outcomes


  • ​Increase levels of physical activity amongst women and girls​​
  • Improve confidence when engaging in sports​
  • Develop leadership skills through volunteering opportunities

Project Need

  • Fewer girls place importance on being active compared to boys, with only 56% stating that physical activity is currently ‘an important part of my life’ vs 72% of boys​.​​
  • Satisfaction with body images for girls declines with age. 1 in 4 are unhappy with their body​ image at 11-14 and this figure increases to 1 in 3 girls by the time they reach 14-16.