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All professional and many semi-professional football clubs have a team of scouts whose role it is to seek out new talent and invite them for trials at their Club; the ultimate aim being to sign the most talented players. 

City Scouts

Many scouts work on a full-time or part-time basis and are usually only linked to one professional Club like Manchester City FC. Our scouts work across the United Kingdom and in many countries across the world. We also scout for New York City FC and Melbourne City FC as they are now part of the ‘City Football Group’ company of football clubs.

The scouts who work for City Football Group have all been appointed through one of you clubs and are all highly-skilled and experienced in identifying players with the potential to play for us at the very highest level. Our scouts have to meet strict rules set by the Premier League and are carefully managed by the Club.

Appropriate Checks

They have all had their backgrounds checked, like teachers and sports coaches, through the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS). They also have to do a range of compulsory training courses to ensure that they meet all the relevant Premier League regulations and are up to date with current good practice.

All City Football Group scouts are either permanent staff or are re-appointed each season, and some are volunteers. Some can be identified by the Club kit that they wear but not all our scouts wear a uniform. All carry an identity card which is renewed each season.

Players spotted and watched by our scouts will always be approached in accordance with Premier League rules and will never ask for any form of payment.

Bogus Scouts

The Group’s management hear regularly of scouts both in the UK and abroad who claim to be acting on behalf of a City club who simply are not. They should be easy to spot. Often they:

  • ask you to pay them in return for promises of trials or extra training or to cover insurance or medical fees or transport (we cover all costs of a trial with our Club)
  • say they can give you extra training in order to get you a trial
  • have scruffy or old or odd looking identification (but it may also look very convincing)
  • have a letter supposed to be from someone at our Club
  • wear old or scruffy Club kit (although some may look very smart)
  • offer to take you to a trial 
  • approach through social networking (facebook, twitter etc) 

Be Careful

There are lots of ways to be careful and stay safe:

  • don’t assume they are a proper Club scout just because they say they are
  • ask for identification and check it closely
  • look closely at any uniform but don’t assume that proper looking kit means a proper scout
  • you can ring or email us and check with someone in charge (see our Club contact list or call one of the numbers at the top of this page)
  • do not make any payment to them for any reason – a genuine approach will not involve any financial exchange
  • do not go anywhere with them especially if no-one knows where you are or where you are going