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Patricia Robinson

  • Fanatical City supporter for 60 years, Failsworth born and bred. My City family is so very important to me and my son and grandchildren have followed in my footsteps.
  • I recently moved from North Wales back home to Failsworth so I could attend every game as the 4-hour round trip, which I’d done for 20 years, became too much. I love being back in Failsworth, and connected to the fans again.
  • I’m hard of hearing and recently had surgery for spinal stenosis so I understand the challenges posed by deafness, age and lack of mobility.
  • I am able to ‘get on’ with people but I’m not afraid to speak my mind and would be a powerful advocate for the disadvantaged.
  • I’ve experience in many aspects of the business world and am used to fighting for what’s right. “City Matters” is really important to me and I’d take my responsibilities very seriously.

Contact Patricia with your suggestions and queries.