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Families and Young People

Vote for your Families and Young People representative for City Matters


Vote for your representative:

Adam Purdue

Adam Purdue

  • Age 48

  • Season ticket holder for most of the last 42 years.

  • My dad started taking me to Maine Road (main stand) in 1976. Moved to the Kippax at 14 and then (after University and living abroad) the North stand. A couple of seasons in the South Stand at the Etihad until I started taking my 5 year-old daughter about 9 years ago. Now in the Family Stand upper.

  • Interested in club plans to ensure new generations of match-day fans catch the City bug like I did, and my daughter has. Although we’re part of a global game, the local, lifelong fan is important.

  • I have attended fan forums of various kinds over the years, both at Maine Road and the Etihad

  • Until 2 years ago I worked as a Business Analyst for a Fortune 500 company: tight deadlines, attention to detail, embracing change was the nature of the job.


Andrew Savage

Andrew Savage

  • I am 47 years old but in touch with families and younger fans to know what matters to them.

  • I run a successful City Facebook group that is family friendly where I allow City fans to have a voice that is listened to.

  • I speak with City fans daily, know the issues they have, what they love, and what City do and don’t do

  • I have experience with the media so I know how to conduct myself and be respectful to all

  • I am applying for this position to make a difference to City fans that want me to relay their thoughts and ideas to the club

  • I want to make the difference and bridge the gap between the club and fans so if you want the same then please choose me.


Martin Travers

Martin Travers

  • Attended my first game before the age of 1 (3-1 home defeat to Leicester).

  • Currently a Season Ticket holder with my 13 year old son in the family stand.

  • Have been a Season Ticket holder since the 1970s.

  • Go to all games home and away.

  • Have attended many City European away matches.

  • In regular contact with fellow supporters whose opinions I take on board.

  • Regularly defend Our City on Talksport radio.

  • So obsessed with the Blues I got married at the Etihad Stadium

  • Been right there through the good old bad old days.

  • I have watched City away at 81 of the 92 Clubs (Also numerous now Non-League clubs we have played at)


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