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Manchester City’s large global following and the success the Club has experienced has unfortunately made us a target for counterfeiters and brand abuse.

Counterfeiters look to exploit the loyalty of our fans, by producing, distributing and selling unofficial merchandise.

This merchandise is almost always of poor quality, meaning those who purchase these products may be disappointed and receive limited consumer rights.

There are also those who seek to gain benefit by trying to associate themselves with the goodwill and reputation established by the Club, by using our brand to advertise their products or services.

City’s Brand Protection team is committed to protecting the Club, our fans and official partners from counterfeiting and brand abuse.

Counterfeit product is usually of inferior quality and is unlikely to have passed product safety tests. We would therefore strongly suggest our fans only purchase official Club products to avoid disappointment.

The Club’s official partners have invested in the Club and are therefore granted exclusive rights to use the Club’s brand name. Those who haven’t been authorised to do so dilute the value of the Club’s brand and can therefore negatively affect the Club’s progress.

What do we do?

The Club has a dedicated department who work with law enforcement agencies throughout the world, to take action against those involved in the trade of counterfeit Club products and those utilising our brand without authorisation.

We are committed to protecting the Club, its fans and its partners from counterfeiting and brand abuse.

How can you help?

We would encourage you to purchase official Club merchandise to avoid disappointment and ensure the products you are purchasing have passed all relevant safety tests.

We also encourage our fans to report any instances of counterfeiting or brand abuse they become aware of by emailing us at [email protected].

All information provided will be treated with the strictest confidence and only shared with trusted law enforcement colleagues.

We know our fans are always supporting us on and off the pitch and therefore appreciate any help or assistance you can offer us regarding this matter.