CITC uses the power of football to deliver a wide range of inclusive and accessible programmes for all including our award-winning ‘One City Disability’; holiday soccer schools, girls football and walking football alongside one of our longest-standing initiatives,‘Kicks’ - which delivers community football for 8-19-year-olds during peak times of anti-social behavior. Our aim is to promote increased community integration and combat negative stereotypes.


Kicks is an outreach programme which provides free evening, weekend and school holiday provision in the most deprived communities in Greater Manchester.

Project Summary:
Through mentoring and open-access football sessions, including specific Female Empowerment and disability provision, Kicks delivers 6 days a week, 48 weeks a year ensuring CITC has a consistent presence across Greater Manchester.

Project Objective:
The Kicks project addresses the lack of opportunity for those living in areas of social deprivation whilst providing positive activities at times and in communities where there is a gap in provision.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increase levels of physical activity.
  • Contribute to safer, more cohesive communities.
  • Participants have improved interpersonal relationships.

Project Need: Over 35% of young people in Manchester live in poverty and youth services in the city have been massively depleted.

One City Disability

One City Disability provides opportunity for participants to take part in free football and sporting provision relevant to their specific disability.

Project Summary

Sessions are held in Primary and High Schools as well as in community venues outside of school hours ensuring that participants across Greater Manchester have access to disability specific provision and education.

Project Objective

One City use the brand of Manchester City and power of football to break down barriers and stereotypes to ensure all disabled participants have an opportunity to engage in football activity relevant to their disability.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase levels of physical activity amongst disabled participants​​​
  • Disabled Participants feel more confident when accessing sports provision.
  • Participants have improved interpersonal relationships.

Project Need

Disabled participants do not always feel comfortable or able to access universal provision, it is important to provide disability-specific sports to provide participants with a  development and participation pathway, regardless of their disability or impairment.

Women & Girls

The Women & Girls Football project engages female participants with free football training, leadership and mentoring opportunities.

Project Summary

Through After-School clubs and Community Satellites, girls across Greater Manchester have the regular opportunity to play for free with CITC.

Project Objective

Using the power of Football and brand of Manchester City, the Women & Girls project aims to provide safe spaces for girls to engage in football, improve their physical and mental wellbeing and develop their leadership skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • ​Increase levels of physical activity amongst women and girls​​
  • Improve confidence when engaging in sports​
  • Develop leadership skills through volunteering opportunities

Project Need

  • Fewer girls place importance on being active compared to boys, with only 56% stating that physical activity is currently ‘an important part of my life’ vs 72% of boys​.​​
  • Satisfaction with body images for girls declines with age. 1 in 4 are unhappy with their body​ image at 11-14 and this figure increases to 1 in 3 girls by the time they reach 14-16.
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