CITC use the power of football to deliver a wide range of health led programmes across Manchester. Our aim is to encourage our community to make healthy lifestyle choices, to improve health and wellbeing through increased physical activity and encourage families to follow a healthier diet.

Manchester Projects

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City Play is a bespoke programme that provides physical activity sessions for children aged between 2 and 5 years in nurseries and schools across Greater Manchester.

Project Summary:
Each themed session delivers a variety of fundamental movements and skills in a fun, engaging and inclusive environment.
These sessions reflect the 7 learning areas of the EYFS framework, helping children to meet the nationally recognised 3 hours of physical activity per day.

Project Objective:
Use the power of football and the brand of Manchester City Football Club to encourage children aged 2-5, in Manchester, to live a healthy and active lifestyle from a young age.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To develop children’s fundamentals of movement and skill working across multiple areas of the EYFS framework
  • To develop children’s understanding of physical and mental health from a young age
  • To give children a positive first experience of physical activity and create positive associations between being active and leading a healthy lifestyle in the future
  • To create opportunities for children to be active
  • To support children to become ‘school ready’
  • To support children in achieving their daily recommendation of 3 hours of physical activity per day

Project Need:

  • 2017/18 - The number of children in Manchester meeting expected levels of 'Physical Development' is 6% behind the national average.
  • There are currently 11,800 children in the region who did not achieve a good level of development at age 5. The number of children achieving a Good Level of Development (GLD) by the end of the reception year in school is a key predictor of future academic performance which in turn impacts on future life chances and opportunities.
  • In GMCA only 68% of children entering primary education are ‘school ready’ (71.5% nationally).
  • NCMP, October 2018 – results showed the proportion of overweight and obese children in reception year (aged 4 to 5) is 22.4% (equal to 136,586 children)

CITC's City Play program was featured recently on BBC's Match of the Day. Click here to watch!


CITC delivers the Premier League Primary Stars programme in schools across Greater Manchester

Project Summary

Pupils and teachers take part in National Curriculum PE lessons, extra-curricular activities, PSHE lessons, English and Maths workshops, targeted interventions and collapsed curriculum days. CITC coaches work in 5 schools per week and deliver a full day each week of the academic year to each school.

Project Objective

To use the inspiration of Manchester City Football Club and the Premier League to engage pupils and teachers to lead healthier, more active lives.

Learning Outcomes

Increase children's levels of physical activity
Improve teacher's confidence and competence to when delivering PE and School Sport
Increase children's, enjoyment, engagement and confidence in PE and School Sport



Project Need
24.8% of 4-5 year olds in Manchester are overweight (including obese), compared to 23.9% in the North West, and 22.6% nationally
40.3% of 10-11 year olds in Manchester are overweight (including obese), compared to 35.2% in the North West, and 34.2% nationally
Project Curriculum:

City Stars ICT

CITC delivers the City Stars ICT programme in primary schools across Greater Manchester

Project Summary
The programme is aimed at years 4-6 and it delivered across 6 weeks. Pupils learn how to build the UBTECH robots using the programme app, and code the robots to play football against each other.

Project Objective
To use the inspiration of Manchester City Football Club and UBTECH robots to engage children in computing, tablets and coding.

Project Need

  • 2014 National Curriculum for ICT has greater emphasis on learning about computers and learning how to code. The ever-changing world requires children to prepare for the use of technology in adult life.


City Lifestyles

CITC delivers the City Stars Lifestyles programme in primary schools across Greater Manchester

Project Summary

We work with  primary, secondary and SEN school children ranging from ages 5-14. We encourage the families to come along to our sessions so that they can learn together. Children will develop their social skills, practical cooking skills hand hygiene knowledge and physical activity.

Project Objective

To improve and develop the overall lifestyle of participating families. With record levels of overweight/obese children, the programme is designed to encourage children to make healthy choices from an early age and encourages them to take part in physical activity.

Learning Objectives

  • To learn about different food groups and a healthy balanced diet.
  • Preparing and cooking healthy meals together.
  • Hand hygiene.
  • Making healthy choices (saturated fat and sugary drinks).
  • Hydration and the effects of exercise.
  • Physical activities they can do at home and school.

Project Need

To help families develop knowledge around the importance of a healthy lifestyle


  • Unique participants: 854
  • Number of sessions: 381
  • Hours delivered: 584
  • Number of venues: 66
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