Piing - Official Crowd Games Supplier

As Official Crowd Games Supplier, Piing ensures the match day excitement extends beyond the pitch and into the hands of the fans themselves. 

With its suite of easy to access and even easier to play arcade style games for upwards of 50,000 players, Piing has brought a new level of excitement to pre and post-match entertainment and spiced up the half-time schedule at both the Etihad and Joie stadiums. 

The Official Supplier agreement is the latest episode in Piing’s relationship with the club - Manchester-based Piing have been working with Manchester City in various capacities since Piing was founded in 2020.

The collaboration is also a first among Premier League clubs and supports further fan engagement for Manchester City. Fans get the chance to test out their penalty shooting skills with Pen-Kick on the big screens, and flex their footballing knowledge with Quiiz. Both games are Piing fan favourites and have been played in stadiums around the world.

Gareth Langley, CEO of Piing, commented: “This collaboration marks a huge step for the Piing brand and brings us back to a team in which we have some deep connections and long standing friendships.”

“We’re on a mission to engage fans at the greatest events on Earth, so we’re really looking forward to large crowds across men’s and women’s matches at the Etihad and Joie Stadiums getting their hands on our games.”

Manchester City Football Club played a role in the origins of Piing, who entered the Manchester City Startup Challenge competition when the club was looking for ways to improve fan engagement.

About Piing

The future of brand activation and fan engagement is mass-participation. Piing creates games for crowds where 100,000+ fans play a game on the big screen using their phone as a controller - all without downloading an app. All Piing games can be rebranded for clients, partners and sponsors, creating opportunities for data collection and stadium-sized fan engagement associated with their brand. Piing games have engaged crowds around the world including Formula 1, EuroLeague Basketball, Women’s World Cup, Major League Baseball.