Francesca Lever

Having recently completed a degree in Creative Writing and Drama, I am now pursuing a career in Sports Journalism.

Sport and football have always been a big part of my life and I have supported City ever since moving to Manchester for university in 2014.

I now hold a Cityzens membership and am planning to have a season card ahead of next season.

I am passionate about LGBTQ rights and welcome the opportunity to represent that group within the City fan base. I want everyone to feel safe and welcome at the game we all love so much.

My blog

Hello, City fans.  

My name is Francesca and I am the newly elected City Matters Fan Representative for LGBTQ+ supporters. I am from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, and have been a City fan since first attending university in Manchester five years ago. Having given me so many wonderful memories during my studies, the Club and Manchester alike are now a huge part of my life- the city feels like a second home. I’m very excited to come back for my master’s in journalism, which I hope will lead to career in the sports industry. 

I applied to become a City Matters Fan Representative because I wanted to give back to the Club by representing causes that are important to both myself and the fanbase. So far, I have attended one full group meeting in October. I enjoyed listening and contributing to discussion around topics such as catering enhancements in the stadium and CFG’s Start-Up Challenge. We recently formed the Equality and Inclusion subgroup, which will be made up of myself, Mark (Disabled Supporters Representative), Sophie (Female Supporters Representative) and Patricia (Over 65s Supporters Representative), who will represent the fans in meetings with several club officials. 

Our collective aim is to work collaboratively with the Club to ensure the continued positive experience for all fans. We firmly believe that no fan should ever feel left out or excluded and would encourage anyone who feels unrepresented to reach out to one of the Fan Reps.   

During my time in the role, I will endeavor to represent the LGBTQ+ fans within the Man City fan community to the best of my ability. I hope to make fans feel comfortable enough to share any issues or concerns they may be experiencing with me. I am a very open individual who will express and pursue any concerns until a satisfactory resolution has been reached. Additionally, if fans from any other cross-section of our diverse fanbase wish to have their say but are unsure who to contact, please drop me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll pass it to the appropriate Fan or Club Representative.  

Please check out the City Matters page on our official club website to find out more about the latest meetings and how to contact your other Fan Reps.  

Thank you for taking the time to read and enjoy the game, 


Francesca Lever


If you have any comments, suggestions and questions, feel free to email Francesca.
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