BAME Supporters Representative

Andrew Bucknall

My name is Andrew Bucknall I am 50 years old and have been a Manchester City fan for the best part of forty-five years. I attended my first game in 1975.

My parents originate from Jamaica, I would badger my dad on a daily basis to take me to see City, but, due to the nature of football crowds back then, my father was reluctant to take me.

I spent many a time on the unforgiving terraces up and down the country and experienced racism first hand from both home and away fans.

Undeterred I have continued to support city for 45 years. My determination paid off as I saw the attitude change toward minority players and fans. I am now a ‘respected’ city fan. I have a big following on social media from City fans of all backgrounds. My opinions often go viral via social media.

I've done video interviews for ‘Blue Moon Rising’ which gets a good response from City fans and have represented City fans on BBC Five Live and other media programs.


If you have any comments, suggestions and questions, feel free to email Andrew.
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