International artists discuss how 'Somebody's Beloved' came to support CITC

Manchester born artist Adio Marchant, aka Bipolar Sunshine, recently collaborated with international musician MILCK in support of 12 international charities including CITC's Kicks programme.

Last week we were delighted to be able to share news of the 'Somebody's Beloved' project. We've since caught up with Adio and MILCK to discover how the song came about, as well as how it came to support CITC. 

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There is still time to support the 'Somebody's Beloved' project and the CITC Kicks programme.

All streams and downloads of 'Somebody's Beloved' support CITC's Kicks programme in Fallowfield, alongside 11 charities around the world who support similar activities and objectives.

To find out more about 'Somebody's Beloved' and the hugely talented artists Bipolar Sunshine and MILCK, or to support the project directly please visit the official website

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