Behind the Scenes

Etihad Stadium Drone: How did we do it?

A behind the scenes look at how we shot the Etihad Stadium one-take FPV drone video.

To celebrate our third title triumph in four seasons, our colleagues at CityTV took viewers on a tour of the stadium like you’ve never seen before.

In one continuous take, we took an FPV drone on an incredible journey from players’ tunnel right through to the We’re Not Really Here studios.


As usual, it was the culmination of an exhaustive planning and preparation process, providing unprecedented access to all the action areas on a normal matchday.

But also keep an eye out for the less glamorous side of the job, such as some of our CityTV colleagues hiding behind the sofa in the WNRH studios!

Discover how we did the Etihad Stadium Drone video by watching above…

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