City in the Community is delighted to have launched a new programme video for City Inspires.

The short film features participants, teachers and CITC coaches, who all provide an insight into how the high school sessions are making a difference in Manchester.

Partnered with the Premier League, City Inspires aims to use the appeal of Manchester City to work with secondary school learners who are at risk of not reaching their potential, and to support them through the education system and early adulthood.

CITC coaches deliver a high-quality education curriculum that inspires pupils to succeed and excel academically, physically and socially.

The programme provides an opportunity for pupils to learn essential life skills, with a focus of improving their engagement in education, prosocial behaviours and mental well-being.

One participant said: “My behaviour used to be really bad, but now I’ve started to get less detentions and have been trying more in lessons because it’s something I look forward to.”

Another added: “It’s the best – I wouldn’t change it for anything to be honest.”

Phil Chapman, Assistant Head of Year, says in the video: “For us, it’s all about impact and the way that our young people have taken on board what the coaches have done, it’s been phenomenal.”

Head Teacher Jackie Bowen added: “It’s helped to reduce exclusions, improve attendance and their [the pupils] engagement with the wider school offer.

“The sessions mean that the children have a positive role model, they’ve had more interaction with City – so it’s been a really beneficial, mutual partnership for both sides.”

City in the Community are currently signing schools for the 2021/22 academic year, but City Inspires is not limited to working with just mainstream secondary schools.

The team currently delivers in a number of different high schools and Pupil Referral Centres throughout Greater Manchester.

Coaches are able to adapt their approach, the curriculum content and physical activity sessions in order to best meet the requirements of the school/group they are working with.

For more information, email [email protected].