Chile OSC make WNRH appearance

City’s Chile Official Supporters Club were in the spotlight during a recent We’re Not Really Here (#WNRH) broadcast.

Established nine years ago, Chile Citizens became the third Latin American group to be granted OSC status in 2019, alongside Brazil and Costa Rica.

Predominantly based in the Chilean capital of Santiago, members see being a part of the group as a real privilege but also feel a sense of responsibility to fellow supporters.

Chile Citizens consider themselves as the link between City and our fans, informing members and supporters across Chile of all the latest news, whilst also spreading awareness of the club.


“We are a great group, united by the same passion. And even though we are thousands of miles apart, this love for Manchester City grows and grows,” OSC member Sebastian Alvares explains.

“What we love the most about the club is its exquisite history full of moments of happiness, sadness and anecdotes.

“And the most beautiful thing about all this is that we are in a stage in which history continues to be written.

“That is what we love about the club, the winning mentality, of wanting to be the best in the world and never forget their roots.

“Today the name Manchester City generates noise globally and we are proud to be part of this club and its history.”


The COVID-19 pandemic has curtailed plans to watch a City game live at the Etihad Stadium for the time being, but this remains a major ambition of the supporter’s group.

In the meantime, however, Chile Citizens aim to extend their reach across the country, having gained popularity in Santiago.

“We want to expand Chile Citizens not only in Santiago de Chile, also in different parts of the country. From north to south, from east to west," Alvares continues.

“The pandemic has prevented us from complying with certain plans that we have, but we hope that all this will happen soon.

“No matter how long it takes, the important thing is that we are all there.”

To find out more about Manchester City’s Chile Official Supporters Club, or your own local Supporters Club, visit mancity.com/supporters-clubs

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