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Introducing SkillCity - the Youth Skills Challenge App for 5 to 14-year-olds. Take on the pros and compete for a VIP trip to Manchester, UK.


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Featuring augmented reality functionality, exclusive behind-the-scenes training content and a chance to participate in our National Final in California, this is the app for young soccer fans.

Participants at the National Final will compete for an all-expenses-paid VIP trip to the Etihad stadium in Manchester UK*

Take on your friends, other teams and Manchester City players in our search to find the most talented young players in America - we're looking forward to seeing what you can do!



SkillCity is designed to be the ultimate test of prowess, finesse and discipline. With help from players like Kevin De Bruyne and Carli Lloyd, SkillCity tests you on 4 of soccer’s most fundamental skills:

Master these challenges developed exclusively by Man City coaches, and you can go from one of the rest, to one of the best.

Take a sneak peek at some City players taking on the Finishing Challenge here to see what you’re up against:



SkillCity has been designed for everyone, so whether you’re part of a team or just practising in the backyard, SkillCity puts the pros in your pocket and the power to succeed at your fingertips.


Once you’ve seen each challenge performed, SkillCity will allow you to set up and map out the same challenge, exactly as you just saw it, wherever you are.

When you’ve mapped out your training area, have a parent, friend or your coach film the challenges. Once you’re happy you’ve given it your all, submit your video through the app. You’ll then enter the SkillCity leaderboard and your entry will be verified by Manchester City coaches.


The top four players in each category from the US (U8, U10, U12, U14) will then qualify for the finals, held in California at the end of October. Winners in each category will all be rewarded with a VIP trip to the world famous Etihad Stadium in Manchester, UK.


For coaches: Want to get your club involved in the SkillCity Challenge? Simply download the app from the store and share links (below) with parents and guardians in order to get each player registered and ready to take on the SkillCity Challenge

For parents: SkillCity is designed to teach as much as it challenges – a perfect way to teach your child some new skills whilst giving them a goal to strive for at the same time. Just download the app onto your Apple or Android device, go through the challenges together and once you have them down, record their results to be submitted to City.

For players: If you’re between 5 and 14 and up for the challenge, ask your parent, teacher or coach to download the app and help you beat the pros! SkillCity is a chance for you to hone your skills on the pitch, whilst learning a thing or two from the pros at the same time.

See you in California!

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*The SkillCity app is available for everybody, but the competition is only for US residents.