This season we formalised our Sustainability Action Plan, which includes seven themes covering a range of important topics, each of which is overseen by a Sustainability Action Group.

In the stadium, single-use plastics have been eradicated, staff have been provided with personalised Gatorade refillable water bottles, and all non-sustainable consumables have been removed across our operational sites. We also joined the Green Tourism Business Scheme, a national scheme that recognises sustainable businesses.

In the period until March, we reduced our year-on-year electricity consumption by 9%, our gas consumption by 6% and waste by 4%. By addressing our energy consumption and replacing fixtures and fittings, our CO2 footprint reduced by 12%.

We worked with our Club Partner Xylem to review our potable and harvested water and identified a range of further efficiencies and usage options.

For fans, at the start of the season, we introduced a ‘Walk to the match’ to reduce car use and congestion, and to encourage active travel, and we trialled fan care share promotions for the first time too.

The formerly heavily-industrial 80-acre City Football Academy (CFA) site is home to a diverse range of wildlife, wildflower and grasses, and this year we found bank voles and never-seen-before spiders for the first time, and built ‘bug hotels’ to help develop the natural environment. We were very proud to win the IOG Environment/Ecology Project of the Year for 2019.

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