CEO’s Message

In January 2019, we stood outside the dressing room on a dark, cold night at St James’ Park after we had lost 2-1 to Newcastle United. We did not know then that we were going to require 14 victories out of the remaining 14 games in order to win the Premier League again. That would have seemed like an impossible task.

But that match became the last Premier League match we lost, and we went on to win all four domestic trophies – an unprecedented achievement – in a record-breaking season. The addition of the two trophies won by our women’s team meant that Manchester City’s 2018-19 season was one that will be remembered for a long time to come.

We can’t guarantee that we always win, but we can all be sure that we will be focused, resilient and consistent in our approach. These victories are not accidents; they are the product of careful planning, consistent hard work and the acknowledgement of the need to stay humble and hungry.

Our success is measured by playing beautiful football and by fighting for titles every April and May at the season’s end. In the last decade, we have become the most successful English team – in terms of titles, goals, points and Champions League qualifications – and our aim is to continue to be among the most consistently successful clubs in the world.

The strategy includes a carefully thought out recruiting effort to attract the best players and coaches who want to play our style of football. We recruit the players we believe that we need, and we do it at fair values. As a result, we have a young, motivated, talented squad that has every chance of being successful in the seasons to come.

We are also very proud to see how the football that we play and the trophies we win are widely known and recognised globally. This helps us to serve our global partners and to attract new ones. We continue to see more and more excellent organisations wanting to join our exciting football journey.

A combination of our commercial success and our cost management enabled us to exceed £500 million in revenues for the second season in a row and post a profit for the fifth season in a row. Manchester City is a consolidated, economically sustainable operation that will continue to use its financial strength to fuel its growth.

As we grow in Manchester, so the global footprint of the City Football Group continues to grow. This year we welcomed Sichuan Jiuniu to the group. Located in Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province in China, this is now the seventh club in the City Football family. With further opportunities for expansion globally, the future continues to look bright.

We do all of this without forgetting who we are and where we come from; a football club founded in Manchester 125 years ago to serve its community and to bring them together. That concept, so central to the Club’s genesis in the 19th century, remains our focus today as we aim to serve our 21st century communities on a local and global scale.

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